Witch Comparisons
  1. The Sasha episode. This has a stupidly large number of changes and this took way too long to write up.

  2. In this shot of Rossmans butt, her tail has been removed.
  3. The lighting is more subdued and Sasha's Orussian collar decorations and shirt buttons are repaired.
  4. The shading here is darker.
  5. Hikari and Nipa are slightly redrawn.
  6. Eyeshine.
  7. This nasty looking lump is more obvious with a pink colouring and a big outline.
  8. Rossman's colar is drawn in and her face has minor tweaks.
  9. They forgot to drawn in the damage in this shot.
  10. Hikari's ear fluff and collar is shaded lighter.
  11. More eyeshines.
  12. Rossman has been redrawn.
  13. The shading on Nipa's sweater no longer has a blue tint.
  14. Brighter shot of the Neuroi projectile.
  15. Nipa's eyes have been fixed.
  16. The Striker laying on the table has been completely redrawn.
  17. And later, when the camera pans up, Sasha's face and hair is tweaked.
  18. Extra shading on the Striker down in the corner. Notice the sorta wonky Brave Witches emblem at the top there, I wonder how much time and budget the various JFW's spend on spamming their logo all over the place.
  19. The Strikers cowling is painted yellow and Sasha's eyes are redrawn, again.
  20. Rossman has been redrawn in spots and has new shading. Nice to see her weird glowy outline make a reappearance. Sasha's eyes, mouth and a spot under her chin have been touched up.
  21. Redrawn faces and shading fixes ~ ♫
  22. Rossman is no longer crosseyed and her Strikers are looking better.
  23. A few propellers here and there are shaded differently and Sasha's weapon is lighter.
  24. Cutting back to the hangar to see that shading on the striker is still darker.
  25. The witches flying around are given some bobbing motion to make the shot look a little more lively.
  26. Usual CG character swapout on Rossman.
  27. Hikari is only redone when she gets really close to the camera;
  28. A segment of Sasha's eye was coloured white in this shot.
  29. The snow the Neuroi was hiding underneath matches the surrounding colour a little better.
  30. This car the marker Neuroi was inside has a shine on the window, bolder outlines, and a shadow!
  31. Back to the snow, it still has the colouring changes from earlier;
  32. Sasha entering the shot is completely redrawn from scratch, coming in much faster and from further away.
  33. When firing her weapon, the blur isn't quite as aggressive, and the Neuroi beams linger for slightly longer.
  34. On the TV version, the muzzle flash is fully visible for a full second, whilst the blu-ray flickers it, which makes it look punchier.
  35. Shading tweak to Sasha's Striker units.
  36. Rall's face has some lighting tweaks, and the blush effect on her left cheek no longer goes over the top of the highlight.
  37. Hikari had no mouth on TV. Unfortunately, they added it back.
  38. Redrawn heads.
  39. The background layer is slightly zoomed in and Rossman's face is redrawn.
  40. The missing eye shines are back.
  41. A pan was added to this previously static shot, as all the other closeups in this scene use one.
  42. This shot of Rall demonstrating a magic trick with her hands has extra shading and an extra line added to her shirt collar.
  43. The background of this shot of the base is repositioned.
  44. With compulsory redrawn Sasha.
  45. But not Nipa. Her strap is recoloured but that's it.
  46. Again, Hikari is only redrawn for the last few frames where she gets really close to the camera.
  47. Minor tweaks here, Hikari's weapon had 2 sights, Nipa's nose went missing, and her strikers changed colours.
  48. Hikari almost crashing into this spire is no longer CGI. Love the face on the TV version.
  49. :O
  50. More character replacements.
  51. This closeup of Sasha has extra bobbing movement added.
  52. They're not replaced, but at least the posing isn't quite as flat.
  53. More added bobbing movements.
  54. The background behind the characters zooms out at a different rate. Weirdly, the TV version has animated characters, while the blu-ray has them CG'd in.
  55. More shaky camera tracking. They remembered to draw in her tiny ear communicator.
  56. Different zoom like before, with new outlines on the CG characters. Nipa looks less wonky.
  57. They're redrawn by hand once they get decently close to the camera.
  58. Hikari's Strikers, weapon strap and tail are altered here.
  59. The characters are all redrawn, yay!
  60. They're still GG, but it looks a little bit better.
  61. Nipa is clutching her face rather than forehead. Unfortunately, the CGI morph effect still looks awful. They moved her closer to the statue to try and cover it up, presumably.
  62. Sasha looking cool has been redrawn.
  63. Most of the CG street level shots backgrounds have been redone, particularly the long street chase shots.
    The Neuroi was absent from this shot on TV.
  64. Everyone has been moved around a bit.
  65. The details on the Neuroi are slightly brighter.
  66. Sasha's muzzle flash is more "blam" and not "BLAMBLAMBLAM" like it was on TV.
  67. Nipa's equipment has some shading and colouring fixes.
  68. Hikari looks better.
  69. Rebackgrounded chase sequence.
  70. Another shot of Sasha's flickery gun. Her hair is flapping around differently, too.
  71. The shadows on Sasha are darker here. I confess, I have no idea what sort of shape that big orange building is supposed to be.
  72. Nipa takes the corner at a different angle.
  73. Background swaperino. Only on the final draft of this page did I notice the gradient on Sasha's left eye being slightly different.
  74. Extra debris falling from the building.
  75. Different bullet positioning.
  76. Darker shading on Sasha's Strikers.
  77. Sasha stops firing a frame earlier on blu-ray, and she's in a different pose.
  78. More CG redraws.
  79. The background scrolls at the same speed, just starts at a different point. Sasha has loads of miscellaneous redraws and tweaks.
  80. The bullets are timed differently again, and there's some debris left behind from the bullet impacts.
  81. Oh boy, a background swap.
  82. She stops firing a split second earlier on TV.
  83. Yet again, the background is replaced. It's implied this shot and the next one are set in the same location, but the scale is completely wrong. Also the Neuroi is reanimated, I guess.
  84. The shot of 'lil Sasha running down the alley is desaturated for a dreamy flashback feel, and the background is completely new. You get a good closeup of the crap CGI pipes.
  85. Present day Sasha has slightly different shading and some bolder outlines here and there.
  86. Nipa is redrawn from scratch, only ending up looking a little better, while Sasha is slightly modified.
  87. Sasha's facial expression, ear and hair are all different here.

  88. Rall's obligatory sunset office scene gives her a redrawn head.
  89. Sasha is redrawn and Rossman has some minor shading changes to go with her shinier eyes.
  90. Another flashback shot of the quality alley.
  91. The towel around Sasha manifesting her fluffy polar bear tail is slightly shorter.
  92. This cute shot of her entering the hangar is redrawn.
  93. Minor shading tweaks.
  94. Completely redrawn head, check.
  95. Less aggressive nose shadow and fewer tears here.
  96. Sasha inspecting her Striker is all jumbled around slightly. Her hair has a few altered lines and shadows, and the Striker is shaded darker.
  97. Nipa is fortunately redrawn here.
  98. Slower tracking zoom.
  99. Sasha's CG model has bolder outlines.
  100. And she's redrawn by hand when close to the camera. Much better.
  101. It's not immediately obvious because of the extra movement added to the shot, but both girls are completely redrawn.
  102. Striker paintwork corrected.
  103. More movement and redraws, yay.
  104. Same repaint as in the earlier shot.
  105. While Nipa smashes her face on the statue, again, her strikers are redrawn.
  106. In the order that I noticed them; Hikari's gun vents are shaded black, her Striker has an outline on around the yellow patch of paint, and her ear tufts are lighter.
  107. Like before, the statue morph is pretty bad. They moved the witches to the left and reposed so you can see their plasticy CGI reactions better.
  108. Because of the different positioning, they now hit the roof while trying to shoot at the Neuroi.
  109. Sasha is redrawn again!
  110. There's a small shadow added to the ground;
  111. And she's redrawn again when close to the camera.
  112. Nipa is completely redrawn with her ears now visible. Why does that large head lump develop in exactly the same spot every time?
  113. The flash is flickered again.
  114. Fewer shots are flying across this slightly repositioned frame.
  115. The camera makes entirely different moves while tracking the Neuroi.
  116. Sasha's redrawn, again.
  117. Meanwhile, with the rest of the squad: Brighter shooting;
  118. Nao is redrawn, as she's closest to the camera, everyone else has better highlights from the weapon flashes.
  119. Rossman has some extra detail and shading while the base linework is the same, the vents on Nao's weapon are filled in black.
  120. Everything in this shot is lit brighter.
  121. Shimohara is posed differently and Georgette's coat is flapping around differently in this slightly brighter shot.
  122. Krupinski is further back from the camera than before;
  123. This closeup of Sasha's face has some erroneous white spots removed from her eyelashes.
  124. The highlights on her tights are blurrier;
  125. Everyone is redrawn and the background is repositioned. Notice Hikari's left Striker being painted backwards on TV.
  126. The shot of 'lil Sasha stopping the car is zoomed in and sharper.
  127. "oops"
  128. "All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces ..."
  129. For the last few frames of this closeup, they redrew the motion blur.
  130. The photo is skewed to fit the frame better, and the picture frame in the image is blank.
  131. My Hikari has no nose!
  132. For once, they removed the extra motion in this shot.
  133. More redrawn heads, and the end of Nipa's right Striker is repainted.
  134. Welcome to St.Petersburg where everyone is ... bigger
  135. This shot of them shooting up landmarks has more motion blur.
  136. Hikari is lower in the frame, and Nipa has some missing details restored, such as her usual sweater lines and the intakes on her Striker unit.
  137. Much brighter shot of the core doing shiney things.
  138. The lower lines on Nao's eyes are now the correct length.
  139. There's an extra shadow on Nao's scarf, and a patch of her hair is no longer sky coloured.
  140. Less chunky arm redraw with her gloves covering the outside of the sleeves.
  141. Refined details on her gloves and Strikers.
  142. On TV, her magic punch glove was just a fist in this shot, whoops. Lots of tweaked lines and details besides that.
  143. Restored magic bulldog ears, a correctly drawn glove and a removed line from her right eye. The glowing horizontal line seems to be added in by mistake, it's just sitting motionless relative to her face.
  144. More flickery weapon goodness.
  145. This shot of the core being destroyed is brighter.
  146. Rossman and Shimohara are tweaked and redrawn.
  147. Neuroi projectile is brighter, again.
  148. There is much less horizontal camera movement in this shot.
  149. Hikari glides smoothly into frame slower on blu-ray.
  150. Sasha is higher in the frame and her hair and ears have been redrawn.
  151. Hikari looks slightly less goofy here.
  152. The camera on this quality shot places the characters lower and further to the right.
  153. Nipa's straps, weapon and Strikers are recoloured.
  154. hey it's this shot again.
  155. Nipa is redrawn behind her shield.
  156. Nipa is drawn behind her shield.
  157. Slightly zoomed in and sharper shot of Nipa falling with style out of the sky.
  158. Better looking shot of Sasha holding Nipa up.
  159. Everything but the background here is redrawn with thinner and sharper outlines. Nipa's strikers are scuffed and damaged.
  160. Nipa's blush marks are redrawn, and a portion of her head above her left eye is fixed. Her mouth is different for a single frame.
  161. This shot of Nipa doing Striker aerobics is still redrawn.
  162. Nipa's hair and blush marks are redrawn here.
  163. The shot now slowly tracks downwards.
  164. Sasha's tears are slightly more transparent,
  165. Nipa's Strikers have been dirtied up and her eyes are redrawm.
  166. And finally, Hikari's tie has an incorrectly coloured section fixed.