Witch Comparisons
  1. Apologies for the long wait between the BD2 and BD3 episodes, this was beyond my control.
    This is the episode where they get snowed on and Hikari smashes her head in on purpose and I laugh every goddamn time I think about it.

  2. This opening shot of Georgette tasting soup has her hair and face fixed in different ways across different frames, here's a quick rundown of the big differences.
    Altered shadow on one bang.
  3. Darker shadows on her hair and lighter one on her jacket. Linework changes to her left twintail, eyes and jacket. Fixed broken patch of hair on the right (About level with her eyes), and a black patch by her right sleeve has been removed.
  4. Her left arm was cut off at the joint on TV, which was fixed, and there are small linework tweaks surrounding it.
  5. This tween frame was completely redone, leading to...
  6. Her hand here looks much more natural. I Wonder why they had so much trouble with people holding spoons?. Besides that, there are some shadowing changes to her hair, her head is a slightly different shape, and her shirt and collar are redrawn.
  7. Krupinski's hair has some shading removed and lightened here.
  8. Most of Hikari's face and neck have been redrawn.
  9. Krupinski and Shimohara are moved around a bit.
  10. In this frame of Hikari pulling her most Hikari of faces, a missing segment of hair has been added back.
  11. Georgette's uniform has the missing details put back.
  12. The books on Nao's bookshelf now have text and details, which is nice.
  13. The nasty lump on Nao's head has a gradient, making it look rounder.
  14. The scattered books look much better with the new details.
  15. The buttons on Georgette's uniform are drawn in and a patch of her hair is shaded lighter.
  16. The detail lines on Georgette are corrected, and Hikari's and Shimohara's striker propellers are brighter.
  17. Everyone has been moved around slightly.
  18. Desaturated flashback to the previous episode, using the same fixes from there.
  19. There are lots of shots here with the witches moved around very slightly.
  20. The snow particles have been toned and the shot is slightly reframed.
  21. The particles are different again in this shot, and the characters bob up and down at a different rate.
  22. More slight position changes. Woo!
  23. Brighter, sharper and retimed muzzle flashes.
  24. Hikari's head has been reposed and select elements have been sharpened up.
  25. The poses in this shot are completely different with lots of dynamic 3d movement that wasn't there before. Good stuff.
  26. In the shot of Sadako's Strikers icing up, she's now looking straight ahead and posed slightly differently. The ice texture is still kinda bad but at least it's sharper.
  27. The shadow from Georgette's arm on the snow is removed.
  28. Nao is blushing in this shot.

  29. Georgette's face is redrawn.
  30. EVERYONE is redrawn.
  31. The shading on the things surrounding the fire better reflects them having a hollow top.
  32. Georgette passing the biscuits has been redrawn with better shading.
  33. Everyone around the table have been redrawn.
  34. Rossman's poor tins of caviar and the contents are shinier. Notice the label text on the TV version, that's a weird way to spell Liberion.
  35. These shots inside the old tank has the characters redrawn.
  36. Hikari and Georgette have been tidied up a bit.
  37. In the closeup, that applies to everyone.
  38. Georgette's tail doesn't stick out on the blu-ray.
  39. The characters and sky have been moved around and there are some tiny linework tweaks here and there.
  40. Yet another slightly adjusted flying shot.
  41. Some vertical moving bands of white have been added to this shot.
  42. The various Neuroi damage effects progress faster in the blu-ray.
  43. Shimohara's stalling striker unit has sharper linework and the propellers cutting out has slightly different timing.
  44. Georgette's hair and tail have been redrawn here.
  45. Hikari's eyebrows flickered out for a few frames on TV, which as been corrected.
  46. Hikari smashing her head into Shimohara's striker unit is redrawn under all that blur.
  47. Shimohara's hair has been redrawn.
  48. In this shot of Shimohara readying the bow, her face has been redrawn.
  49. The fletching on the arrow vanished for a moment.
  50. The lighting on the arrow has been redone, with the source of light coming from above, not below.
  51. The white glow around the damaged area has been toned down to just a slight outline around the centre, and the arrow has been redrawn.
  52. At the end of the shot, the camera zooms in a little further.
  53. On the blu-ray, the damage spreads around the ring segment before the Neuroi explodes. It looks like they tried to do it on TV but got the layering mixed up.
  54. The explosion is blurrier with lots of camera shake.
  55. The Shimohara's quiver is now the right colour and a few missing lines are back.
  56. Everyones faces have been redrawn, the string going around Shimohara has been laid over her outlines, and a section of Hikari's left striker is in shadow.
  57. Hikari and Georgette's faces here are redrawn.
  58. Nao's plaster is slightly larger and her mouth is moved slightly.
  59. )ー
  60. Everyone who is facing the camera here has a redrawn head.
  61. This shot is framed differently and the eyes are all redrawn.
  62. Georgette has a longer line on her right eye for a few frames.
  63. And then she closes her eyes a split second earlier.